Monday 24 October 2016

Cyber crime, Awareness and Cyber Security

We see the telecom industry of our country soaring high, climbing to new heights. It is for the dream of having every person in the country to use internet. With the word internet comes the baggage of the insecurities of the virtual world. In a country with big population and less infrastructural facilities than required, with this growing availability of internet to each and every person using it, there comes a question of cyber security which is a matter of concern to many cyber security officials. Almost everyone having an internet account or a social media account can become a victim of cyber crime. One can avoid being a victim by being aware about cyber crime and security methods.

There are various types of crimes happening in the virtual world that the victims don’t even realize that he is a victim of a crime. Be it cyber bullying, cyber stalking, extortion virtually, hacking, cyber harassment, crimes on social media etc. Thanks to the youth who have engaged themselves into the work of spreading awareness regarding cyber security and cyber crime. NGOs like CCVC, Cyber Welfare Society, Secure India are working towards their common goal of seeing our country’s netizens safe in the virtual world. The NGOs’ volunteers are always online on their various social media pages to help anyone who needs a help to penalize the criminal. They even guide you on various points where the user wants to about any particular situations.

One such help seeker, Bhanu Yadav, was bullied on social media. “I used to get abusive comments. At first I ignored them. But then, they were consistently using abusive language. My friend suggested me to ask the ngo’s help. I just sent them a email and they helped me out with the matter.” Another netizen Aarzoo says “Thanks to the young team and their regular posts regarding cyber welfare and cyber crime and security that I am aware various crimes and how I can avoid being a victim of cyber crime”

ITEE Cyber Welfare Society will be spreading awareness about the same to women, youth, old people along with all possible online help regarding the crime they have been a victim of. Indian women and youth have been targets of various types of cyber crimes of the criminals. Yes, there are agencies which are working to reduce such crimes and put such criminals behind the bars, but they have their own speed and the crimes are increasing too fast. So creating awareness is very much important.

Some points at which women need to take care of during their daily life is,

- Be careful while sharing private information to someone stranger in the virtual world.

- Make sure whether the changing rooms/bathrooms do not have any device installed.

- Whenever necessary, do not hesitate to ask any sort of help from various cyber experts. You can even contact the Cyber Welfare Society on their various social media accounts.
Cyber law consultant Shakeel Anjum is the founder member of the society along with the team of Group of IT experts Tushar Bharthare, Chirag Purohit, Networking expert Bhanu Yadav and Legal Advisor Advocate Aehtesham Hasan Siddiqui. Shakeel Anjum invites interested experts of the field to join hands with them and spread the knowledge as far as possible.

The main aims of Cyber Welfare Society – India are

-To spread awareness about cyber crimes
-To make people aware about how one can avoid being a victim
-Help the victims to reach the criminal
-Make the cyber space safe
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Shakeel Anjum
Cyber law & Security Advisor

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